Tile & stone flooring benefits

Many homeowners and business owners appreciate the durability of tile and stone flooring. Not only are these flooring materials easy to clean, but they are also long-lasting. The helpful salespeople at our flooring store are able to work with you to find the perfect flooring for the room you have in mind. Below, we go over the main benefits of stone tile floors.

Large selection of colors, textures, and sizes

Whether you are looking to match the existing color scheme of your home or want your natural stone tile floors to make a statement, we are able to help. With tile, you get a wide variety of shapes, textures, and sizes to create stylish floor designs. Our salespeople are also able to help you pick out glass trim, hand-painted accents, or colored grout to make your new flooring entirely unique.

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Can make unique patterns

There are many stone flooring types to choose from. Which style you choose depends on your design preferences and the room you are remodeling. For example, bathroom tile flooring might use different colors than what you would use for kitchen tile flooring. Tile patterns are a simple way to add interest to your floor and offer endless variety. Use alternating colors for a dramatic two-toned effect or even mix sizes and shapes. The design possibilities are endless.


Stone flooring is not only durable but stain resistant. Many bathrooms use ceramic floor tile because it is waterproof and won't be affected by high humidity. Kitchens are also a practical place to lay down tile because tile resists staining. Carpet Bonanza is a flooring installation company dedicated to helping you find durable flooring for your home or business. If you are interested in browsing our large selection of tile and stone flooring samples, give our flooring installers a call at (616) 396-2765.