Area rug benefits

From contemporary area rugs to more traditional styles, we offer a wide variety of area rug designs to suit your design preferences. We are a flooring store that offers many different styles and designs of area rugs to fit your home’s decor. Below, you'll learn about the benefits of area rugs.

Make a room feel spacious

Area rugs with light color schemes help make a room appear airy and spacious. The opposite holds true for dark-colored rugs. Rugs in dark hues can make a space feel cozy, which may benefit large rooms.

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Create a focal point

Bold area rug patterns and designs can help make your floor the focal point of the room. If this is not your intent, we recommend choosing a neutral-colored rug in a solid color or pattern.

Disguise wear and tear

Over time, it’s not uncommon for your floor to start showing signs of wear and tear. For the high traffic rooms in your house, you may want to buy an area rug to cover up flooring damage. You may also want to invest in a durable rug that will protect your flooring from being damaged in the first place.

There are many benefits to getting an area rug. Our carpeting installation contractors know how to put down area rugs so you can enjoy a beautiful home or place of work. For example, a geometric area rug or diamond pattern rug can be a classic addition to any space.

Carpet Bonanza is a flooring company dedicated to helping customers improve the interior design of living and work spaces. If you are interested in browsing our generous selection of area rugs, give us a call at (616) 396-2765.