A complete carpet FAQ

When you choose carpet for your new flooring, we understand that you have plenty of questions, just as most homeowners do. Some questions are asked more frequently than others, and we have compiled a few of those today for this brief FAQ for your consideration. Read along now to find out if your question already has an answer.

Frequently asked questions about carpet

1. Does carpet padding have to be included in the installation?

Many homeowners think it is cheaper to leave off the underpadding during a carpet installation, but we discourage that extensively. Padding offers more comfort and a plusher feel underfoot. Still, it also ensures your carpeting will not bunch, ripple, or experience a premature breakdown, so it's one of the essential parts of your installation. In addition, you might find the padding pays for itself by increasing the lifespan of the material.

2. What is Berber carpet?

With Berber carpet, you will find affordable beauty, durability, and lifespan, all in the same material. If you have never experienced this loop-pile flooring before, now is a great time to consider it for all your rooms. Enjoy a wealth of colors, styles, and added benefits when you browse this product line.

3. Is carpeting a good choice for bathrooms?

While it is tempting to consider carpet for your bathroom, it isn't always the best option to take advantage of the super soft features. However, if you have your heart set on a bathroom installation, be sure to ask about waterproof options that can handle this situation. If you don’t want to move into that part of the product line, consider carpeting other rooms of your home where the opportunity for failure will not be quite so hefty.

4. Can I install my carpeting myself?

We do appreciate the DIY homeowner, but if your chosen material is carpeting, you will want to leave your floors in the qualified hands of a professional installer. They have all the necessary experience equipment to make quick work of this task, so be sure to stop by today to find out more.

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