Luxury vinyl flooring imitates natural materials

Luxury vinyl flooring imitates natural materials

The impressive appearance of solid hardwood, all-natural stone, or porcelain tile is an excellent addition to any home, and now you can have any of these looks when you choose luxury vinyl tile or plank. These products mimic the real thing with fantastic accuracy, but cost less and offer exceptional benefits, so read along with us here to find out more.

We provide luxury vinyl plank and tile you’ll love

Luxury vinyl plank and tile can take on the appearance of natural materials with ease, thanks to a 3D laser image printing process that replicates the grain and vein patterns you might want most. But you'll also find these products offer the same textures, colors, and formats as well, for flooring that looks genuinely realistic and will last for up to 20 years or more.

You can easily choose all the latest trends found in wood, stone, or tile, whether in color, style, or installation layout, for results that will keep you current longer. But suppose you have decided to change everything about your floors. In that case, you'll also find that luxury vinyl is much easier and more economical to replace than natural materials, and we'll give you even more information when you visit us at your convenience.

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When you visit Carpet Bonanza, you’ll find that we offer a wide selection of floor coverings that were created to meet your particular needs. As you browse our inventory and speak with us about your requirements, we can make the best possible match for all of them.

We cater to residents from Zeeland Charter Township, Holland, Beechwood, Jamestown, and Hudsonville, MI, from our showroom in Zeeland, MI, and we look forward to working with you as well. So be sure to stop by today to see our LVT and LVP flooring selection.