Basement flooring options for your walkout basement

Basement flooring options for your walkout basement

Many Michigan Homes maximize their square footage through a walkout basement, and here at Carpet Bonanza, your west Michigan basement flooring installation company, we have got you covered. It’s important to remember that your flooring in your finished basement is unique in some specific ways. Making sure you choose durable options for your basement flooring over concrete is key. Moisture can seep up through your concrete foundations, ruining your floors. Flooding can occur as well, due to the high water table in many places in Michigan.


Since your basement flooring is generally 100% below grade, and the lowest flooring space in your home. The temperature of these living areas are of specific concern for many homeowners. Carpeting creates a soft and warm flooring look for your home. Beyond this, the National Association of Home Builders reported that 28% of new homes with a finished basement chose carpeting as their basement flooring option. If you choose a carpeting option from Carpet Bonanza for your walkout basement, make sure you have a rug or a laminated entry point to avoid getting your carpet dirty as your family walks in and out.


While it may seem at first that wood is the last option you would want in a potentially damp basement, a wood floor can be protected from dampness by 2 by 4 “sleepers” that create a space underneath your custom wood flooring. You could also use an engineered hardwood basement flooring option, which is a thin layer of hardwood that is laminated to a plywood backing. The warping issues and humidity changes have less of an effect on plywood compared to traditional wood floors, and you can match your wood looks between floors with ease with engineered wood flooring options.


Laminate flooring is similar to engineered hardwood flooring, but a laminate product is attached to the plywood backing, allowing your basement floors to be waterproof from spills or appliance leaks. This can be a major benefit, if you have your laundry room in the finished portion of your basement.


Vinyl tiles or vinyl flooring rolls come in every color and style imaginable. You can visit our showrooms to find the exact complement to your walkout basement remodel theme. Vinyl flooring has the added benefit of being durable, moisture-proof, and relatively maintenance-free. You may want to have one of our flooring installation experts check the level of your basement floors, as imperfections show up through the flooring and can damage the floors over time. A relatively inexpensive option that looks and cleans up great, vinyl is a continually popular flooring choice.

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