How to choose between light and dark hardwood floors

How to choose between light and dark hardwood floors

Interested in hardwood flooring for your home? Once you visit your local hardwood flooring store, you’ll be able to choose between light and dark woods. While there are pros and cons of each, only you will be able to choose what wood flooring suits your home and design preferences. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right color hardwood for your floors. For more information, contact a flooring store near you.

How often do you clean?

Black wood flooring will show every speck of dust and dirt, which is why we may recommend you go one shade lighter. That way, you can still enjoy dark hardwood floors without having to clean them every day. If your house gets a lot of foot traffic, we recommend exploring light hardwood floors. White oak flooring is not only more stain-resistant than other species, but light enough to hide what’s been tracked in from outside.

What color hardwood you choose will ultimately depend on how much you’re willing to clean. Some of the homeowners we work with have no problem cleaning dark wood floors because they love how they look. Only you will know what’s best for your home and lifestyle.

Do you have pets?

Scratches are more noticeable on black hardwood flooring because only the surface is stained. Since most tree species are light, we often use dark stains to achieve the color you want. However, once your dog’s claws scratch the surface, you’ll be able to see the lighter wood underneath. The best way to protect your wood floors is to trim dog claws short. You may also want to invest in solid wood flooring, which is more durable than engineered wood flooring.

If you love the look of dark hardwood floors, we recommend choosing a wood species with a high Janka rating. The Janka hardness test scores different tree species based on their ability to resist scratches, dents, and stains. For example, Brazilian walnut flooring has a Janka rating of 3,684 pounds-force. This life proof flooring is tough enough to resist scratches from dog claws, as well as dents from dropped pots and pans. Your local flooring store can help you pick out the right hardwood species for your home.

How big is your home?

Is your home spacious or cozy? Your answer will help you determine what flooring is best for your home. Dark wood floors can make a space appear cozier, which is why they’re often used in large rooms or houses with open floor plans. Light hardwood floors, on the other hand, can make a small room appear spacious and airy. Many of the homeowners we work with choose light hardwood floors for small bedrooms, especially if they’re about to sell.

Our Holland hardwood flooring store offers a range of colors and tree species to complement your home’s interior design. We have been helping homeowners just like you for over 40 years. To schedule a free in-home estimate for real wood flooring, call Carpet Bonanza at (616) 396-2765.